What Does An Apt Woman Mean?

Is apt informal?

informal), ingenious, skilful, astute, adroit, teachable She was never a very apt student..

What is an apt comparison?

An apt comparison refers to a sensible comparison. This comparison compares two different objects but uses appropriate way of comparing the two. Apt is suitable for circumstances purpose. Apt came from the Latin word Aptus which means fitting, or suitable.

What does APT mean in slang?

ApartmentAPT means “Apartment”.

What does physically apt mean?

Adjective. fit, suitable, meet, proper, appropriate, fitting, apt, happy, felicitous mean right with respect to some end, need, use, or circumstance.

Is apt short for appropriate?

Apt is from the Latin word aptus, “fitted, suited, appropriate.” The adjective derives from a verb meaning “to fasten, to attach.” The most common use of apt is to describe the fitness or expressiveness of language.

What does APT mean in a job application?

Appointment, Promotion, and TenureAPT. Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure. Business » Occupation & Positions.

What is an apt quotation?

n. 1 a phrase or passage from a book, poem, play, etc., remembered and spoken, esp. to illustrate succinctly or support a point or an argument. 2 the act or habit of quoting from books, plays, poems, etc. 3 (Commerce) a statement of the current market price of a security or commodity.

What is another word for APT?

Some common synonyms of apt are appropriate, felicitous, fitting, fit, happy, meet, proper, and suitable.

What is my apt suite?

Answer: A: “Apt” means apartment (number). “Suite” means suite (number). These help pinpoint a location within a specific building. They are typically used when more than one person share an address.

What does APT stand for in teaching?

Assessment of Professional Teaching TeacherAPT. Assessment of Professional Teaching. Teacher, Education, Science.

How do you use APT in a sentence?

(1) This shoe is apt to slip. (2) China cups are apt to break. (3) Paper is apt to catch fire. (4) The words are very apt to my case.

What does aft mean?

Aft, in naval terminology, is an adjective or adverb meaning, towards the stern (rear) of the ship, when the frame of reference is within the ship, headed at the fore.

What is the full form of APT in English?

apt. noun [ C ] abbreviation for apartment. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Houses & homes.