Quick Answer: How Do You Use Representative In A Sentence?

What are three words that describe democracy?

Words Related to democracy According to the algorithm that drives this word similarity engine, the top 5 related words for “democracy” are: republic, government, polity, elections, and state..

What is the synonym of Representative?

RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR REPRESENTATIVEabettor.actor.advocate.ambassador.assignee.assistant.attorney.broker.More items…

What are representative examples?

A representative sample is a subset of a population that seeks to accurately reflect the characteristics of the larger group. For example, a classroom of 30 students with 15 males and 15 females could generate a representative sample that might include six students: three males and three females.

What is a representation in insurance?

Representation — a statement made in an application for insurance that the prospective insured represents as being correct to the best of his or her knowledge.

How do you choose a representative sample?

One way to obtain a representative sample is to select a random sample. This involves randomly selecting the first sample and then randomly selecting each additional sample from the units remaining in the lot. Randomly selecting a spot in the lot and then grabbing 20 units is not a random sample.

What part of speech is representative democracy?

REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What is a sentence for Representative?

Examples of representative in a Sentence Adjective The paintings are representative of English art in the early 19th century. The students chosen for the survey are a fairly representative sample of college students from across the U.S.

What is another word for a representative democracy?

Similar words for representative government: freedom (noun) republic (noun) other synonyms. democracy.

Why is a representative sample important?

Representative samples are important as they ensure that all relevant types of people are included in your sample and that the right mix of people are interviewed. If your sample isn’t representative it will be subject to bias. … The reason for the inaccuracy of the poll was an unbalanced, unrepresentative sample.

How do you use representation in a sentence?

Representation sentence examplesThe right to representation is spreading around the world. … This class of representation ceases when the number of squares exceeds eight. … His preaching to the birds is a favourite representation of St Francis in art.More items…

What do you mean by Representative?

noun. a person or thing that represents another or others. an agent or deputy: a legal representative. a person who represents a constituency or community in a legislative body, especially a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or a lower house in certain state legislatures.

What are the features of representative government?

Terms in this set (8)universal participation. … political equality (influence) … majority rule. … political competition and choice. … rule of law. … transparency in government. … political accountability. … civil liberties/equality of opportunities.

What is an example of a visual representation?

An image is a visual representation of something that depicts or records visual perception. For example, a picture is similar in appearance to some subject, which provides a depiction of a physical object or a person. … For example, in a film camera works the lens focuses an image onto the film surface.

What is phrase number representation?

Phrase number representation is any notation for the representation of numbers. A number representation is a description of what it is made of and what it is. For example, people use numbers to describe how many thing they have. Let’s represent number “2” .

What does it mean to make an example representative?

The definition of a representative is a person or thing that is an example or someone who is authorized to speak for someone else. … An example of representative is the person send to Congress to represent a specific group of U.S. residents.

What Should a representative do?

Also referred to as a congressman or congresswoman, each representative is elected to a two-year term serving the people of a specific congressional district. Among other duties, representatives introduce bills and resolutions, offer amendments and serve on committees.

What are examples of representative government?

The U.S. government is a prime example of representative and constitutional democracy. It is a representative democracy because the people, the source of its authority, elect individuals to represent their interests in its institutions. The formation and function of the government is based on majority rule.

What makes a representative government?

Representative democracy, also known as indirect democracy or representative government, is a type of democracy founded on the principle of elected officials representing a group of people, as opposed to direct democracy. … In it the power is in the hands of the representatives who are elected by the people.