Question: What Is An MTC?

What is MTC in shipping?

MTC stands for Marine Terminals Corporation (shipping).

What is MTC in construction?

Measured term contracts (such as JCT MTC 2011) are used where the client has a regular programme of works that they would like to be undertaken by a single contractor. They are generally used for minor works or for maintenance work.

How do I get MTC AWEH?

Customers need to select the qualifying products in order to receive the benefits by following steps: Aweh Super: SMS #SuperAweh# to 13400 or dial 13400 and select Aweh Super; Aweh Prime: SMS #Aweh# to 13400 or dial 13400 and select Aweh Prime.

What does MTC Namibia stand for?

Mobile Telecommunications LimitedMobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) is a mobile telecommunications company and internet service provider in Namibia. It is the largest mobile carrier in Namibia with over two million active subscribers. MTC was established in 1995 and was the only cellular provider in Namibia at that time.

What is MTC happy time?

In addition to data bundles available for purchase, all MTC customers currently enjoy the MTC Happy Hour, between 12am and 6am, which allows surfing at no charge per MB.

What is the meaning of MTC in safety?

Medical Treatment CaseHSE: Any work-related injury or illness requiring medical care or treatment beyond first aid (regardless of the provider of such treatment) that does not result in a Restricted Work/Transfer Case (RWTC) or Lost Time Incident (LTI).

Who is the owner of MTC Namibia?

Namibia Post and Telecommunications Holdings LimitedMTC Namibia/Parent organizations

How do you read a material test report?

A mill test report will include the following:Product Description. The metal product’s alloy, temper, thickness, width, and finish, along with ASTM and AMS (if required).Heat Number or Heat Lots. … Mechanical/Physical Properties. … Chemical Properties. … Any Additional Details Specific to Your Order.

What does MTC stand for in physical therapy?

Manual Therapy CertifiedMLD – Manual Lymph Drainage. MPT/MSPT – Master of Physical Therapy (all locations) MTC – Manual Therapy Certified (several locations) NCS – Neurologic Certified Specialist *** NDT – Neuro-Developmental Treatment Certified.

What is LWC in safety?

LWC: Lost Workday Case. Any work related injury that renders the injured person temporarily unable to. perform their normal work on any day after the day on which the injury occurred.

What is LTI in safety?

A lost-time injury is something that results in a fatality, permanent disability or time lost from work. It could be as little as one day or shift. LTIFR refer to the number of lost-time injuries within a given accounting period, relative to the total number of hours worked in that period.

What is MTC in engineering?

In steel industry, MTC means mill’s test certificate. … This is the most common MTC in steel industry, when there is no extra requirement of customer for TPI inspection and witness of production and inspection of tests.

What does MTC mean Windows?

Minimum Technical CompetenceWhat is a Minimum Technical Competence (MTC)? Minimum Technical Competencies have been introduced by DCLG. They are a set of criteria that installers and surveyors are required to meet when replacing windows and doors in domestic properties.

What does MCT mean on Snapchat?

Man Candy Thursday. MCT. Magno Cum Tempore (Latin: at a later date) showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 81 definitions) Note: We have 250 other definitions for MCT in our Acronym Attic.