Question: How Far Should A Stoma Stick Out?

Why is my stoma getting longer?

A prolapsed stoma occurs when the stoma becomes longer than normal If your stoma has prolapsed it will look longer than normal and stick out further from the body.

A stoma can prolapse if the muscles supporting it are weak or it may happen as a result of straining the abdominal muscles i.e.

through lifting..

What does a prolapsed stoma look like?

A prolapsed stoma is when the intestine extends to an abnormal length through the ostomy site. This may look like the stoma is longer or more swollen than what you are used to.

Is stoma prolapse an emergency?

Most stoma prolapse can cause cosmetic and pouch application problems. Nonreducible prolapse can lead to incarceration or strangulation of the bowel. Treatment of stoma prolapse is not usually urgent unless it is associated with strangulation or obstruction. Surgery can be planned electively.

Is it normal for a stoma to change size?

It is normal for your stoma to change in size and/or shape, especially during the first 6-8 weeks after your surgery. The initial swelling in your stoma will usually have settled before you leave the hospital. During the 4-6 weeks after you are discharged, your stoma may shrink further in size.

How do you unblock a stoma?

Choose fresh fruit juices in addition to water and hot tea. Sometimes carbonated drinks may help. Gently massage around your stoma to try to encourage the blockage to work its way out. Have hot bath or try using a heat pad, as this may help your abdominal muscles relax so you can pass a bowel movement.

How long does it take for a stoma to shrink to its permanent size?

However, sometimes it may be slightly below skin level. Stomas are often swollen after surgery. The stoma may take six weeks or more to shrink to its permanent size.