Question: How Do You Knock Down Walls In Bully?

How do you break down walls in Bully?

go upstairs and beat the guy with the hammer.

use that hammer to break the walls..

How do you knock down a wall?

How to Knock Down a WallStep 1: Prepare for the Demolition. Prep the rooms on both sides of the wall you are removing. … Step 2: Begin Knocking Down the Wall. … Step 3: Remove Wall Studs and Plates. … Step 4: Patch the Ceiling Where the Wall Was Removed. … Step 5: Patch the Flooring.

How do you collect Lola’s items in Bully?

You have to go all the way up to the 2nd floor, collecting all the items that aren’t behind a wall. If you have those 3 items, a guy will come with a sledgehammer, you can finnish him off easily with a weapon. After that, the weapon is yours, pick it up and smash those walls !

How do you beat Norton in Bully?

The best strategy is to shoot away at him with the bottle rocket, or fire crackers. Norton moves slowly and his life can easily be whittled down. Norton does not drop the sledgehammer, even if hit with a stinkbomb or tripped with marbles.