Question: How Do I Know What Kind Of 454 I Have?

Will 427 heads fit a 454?

A 427 and 454 Chevy use the exact same block, so the heads for either motor will physically bolt right on, if they’re the same vintage..

What is the difference between a 396 and a 427?

The 396 crank is lighter having 3/4″ wide 3rd counterweight. The 427 cranks look identical except the 3rd counterweight is 7/8″ thick, heavier crank due to heavier pistons for the larger bore. Balancer, flywheel, flexplate, short water pump, intakes, heads, all swap between 396 and 427.

Is 454 a good motor?

The Chevrolet 454 remains a favorite among performance enthusiasts because of the its power output and the availability of aftermarket parts for the engine.

What year is the best Chevy 350 engine?

L31 (2002) From a purely technical standpoint, the most recent version of the Chevy 350 would naturally be the best of the bunch. Marketed as the “Vortec 5700” engine, but known internally by the moniker of L31, this engine was used primarily in GM vans and trucks until 2002.

How do I identify a Chevy big block?

The first indication that a motor is a Big Block Chevy is if the codes are stamped above the timing chain cover. All Big Blocks are stamped there. Small Blocks are stamped on a pad in front of the passenger side cylinder head and are often covered by the alternator.

How do you tell the difference between a 427 and a 454?

The harmonic dampners are different (454 is larger diameter and externally balanced) and the 454 has a dowel pin in the back of the crank that locates the flexplate. The 454 SHOULD have a balance weight on the flexplate, but a 427 flexplate will bolt up.

How can you tell the difference between a 350 and a 454?

Re: How do you tell the difference between a 350 and a 454? BBC has flatter, wider looking valve covers. Look at the side of the engine, and the exhaust to spark plug orientation.

How do I know if I have a 5.7 Vortec engine?

One easy way to identify the 5.7L Vortec engine is to examine the cylinder heads. The GM Industrial Vortec cylinder head was made by installing LT1 Corvette ports into an iron casting. The intake manifold bolts on with an 8-bolt pattern, unlike most other 5.7 GM heads that bolt on with a 12-bolt pattern.

Are 396 and 454 blocks the same?

You cannot bore a 396 out to a 454 size. As stated previously . 060 is about the most that you can go. The blocks are the same with the exception of the bore of the cylinder when the cast was made.

How much horsepower does a 454 Chevy engine have?

The 454 EFI version was rated from 230 hp (172 kW) to 255 hp (190 kW) and from 385 lb⋅ft (522 N⋅m) to 405 lb⋅ft (549 N⋅m) of torque.

How do you tell if a 454 is a 4 bolt main?

Chevynut wrote: “You can tell if it’s a 4-bolt main by looking for an oil cooler port above the oil filter boss. If it has an extra plug there, it’s probably a 4-bolt block.”