Question: How Do I Apply For GSO Cadet?

How can I apply for GSO cadet in Kenya?

GSO Cadets Job RequirementsMust hold a minimum mean grade of B (Plain) in KCSE with at least C+ in English and Mathematics and one science subject.

Must be Kenyan citizens and should not have dual citizenship.Between 18 and 26 years old.Be physically and medically fit in accordance with the KDF standards.More items….

How much does a GSO cadet earn in Kenya?

2. Cadet Kenya salary is Ksh 11, 852 per month, however as an Officer Cadet you will be able to earn Ksh 24, 520. To be bale to get the Officer Cadet position you will have to work for the military forces for more than three years. 3.

What is a cadet rank?

Officer cadet is a rank held by military cadets during their training to become commissioned officers. … The term officer trainee is used interchangeably in some countries.

Are cadets paid during training in Kenya?

The KDF cadets salary is around Kenya shillings 7,172 monthly while you are still in training. A Privates is the lowest rank, and you will take home within Kenya shillings 19,941 and 30,000 monthly.

How much do GSU earn?

The average Georgia State University salary ranges from approximately $22,723 per year for Security Officer to $80,000 per year for Lead Developer. Average Georgia State University hourly pay ranges from approximately $12.28 per hour for Customer Service Representative to $20.21 per hour for Administrative Assistant.

How do I become a Kenya cadet?

(1)Be Kenyan citizens with no dual citizenship. (2)Be in possession of a valid Kenyan National Identity Card. (3)Age – between 18 and 26 years old for GSO Cadets, not above 30 years for Specialist Officers and not above 39 years for Chaplains/Imams.

What is the work of a cadet?

Be it on a military vessel or a luxury cruise liner, a Deck Cadet assists in the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the ship. They may help with preparations prior to departure, navigation, safety and maintenance duties and cargo related issues.

How much do KDF earn in Kenya?

A fresh KDF recruit takes home a salary of KES 7,172. Privates in the Kenya Defense Forces earn a salary of between KES 19,941 and KES 30,000. Lance Corporals’ pay range between KES 26,509 to KES 50,000 while Corporals earn salaries that range between KES 32,250 to KES 70,000.

How much does AP police earn in Kenya?

AP Salary in KenyaJOB GROUPGRADECURRENT BASIC SALARYIPG433,990JPG536,300KPG640,080LPG745,5408 more rows

How much money do cadets make?

q: How much pay does a cadet receive? a: A first-year cadet earns more than $900 a month, and the amount increases each year.. A portion of that cadet pay is deposited into a personal checking account.

What is the salary of Kenya Army?

Kenyan Army salaries The salary of a Private in the Kenyan Army is between KSh19,941 and 30,000 monthly. The salary of a Lance Corporals in the Kenyan Army is between KSh26,509 to 50,000 monthly. The salary of a Corporal in the Kenyan Army is between KSh32,250 to 70,000 monthly.

Do you salute an officer cadet?

But, generally, no saluting. Be sure to jack them up. . … For example, if Officer Cadet Bloggins has been made 3 Platoon Commander, then he should be treated as such; addressed as “Sir” when appropriate, and saluted to acknowledge his position within the unit.

How much do Kenya police earn per month?

KENYA POLICE SALARY SCALE 2020/2021Kenya Police Rankpay Per MonthTotal Per YearInspector of police53,820645,840Senior sergeant50,220602,640Sergeant45,540546,480Corporal42,660511,9208 more rows

How long does cadet training take in Kenya?

17 monthsOfficer Cadets or trainee Officers engage in 17 months training in the Military College covering many basic and practical soldier skills and military fields of study before taking up an operational appointment in the Permanent Defence Forces.

What does it take to be a cadet?

Even though most cadets have a college degree, it’s possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED. … In fact, many cadet jobs require experience in a role such as internship. Meanwhile, many cadets also have previous career experience in roles such as cashier or volunteer.