How Did The Name Pakistan Originate 4 Marks?

Why Pakistan is famous in the world?

This country is famous for its relentless passion for sports, with cricket and polo being the national favorites.

Pakistan has some of the most famous polo matches in the world that take place in Shandur, which is the highest altitude polo field in the world..

Did India paid 55 crores to Pakistan?

India held Rs 55 crores in terms of assets and liabilities that it had to give Pakistan. We held it back to force Pakistan out of Kashmir and that move may have worked. However the Mahatma went on a fast unto death for that money to be released to Pakistan!

What was the old name of Pakistan?

The name of the country was coined in 1933 by Choudhry Rahmat Ali, a Pakistan Movement activist, who published it in a pamphlet Now or Never, using it as an acronym (“thirty million Muslim brethren who live in PAKISTAN”), and referring to the names of the five northern regions of the British Raj: Punjab, Afghania, …

Who used word Pakistan first time?

The “Pakistan Declaration” (titled Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever?) was a pamphlet written and published by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, on 28 January 1933, in which the word Pakstan (without the letter “i”) was used for the first time and was circulated to the delegates of the Third Round Table Conference in …

Who was Nana Sahib 4 marks answer?

Nana Sahib (19 May 1824 – 1859), born as Dhondu Pant, was an Indian Peshwa of Maratha empire, aristocrat and fighter, who led the rebellion in Cawnpore (Kanpur) during the 1857 uprising.

Did Pakistan used to be part of India?

The Partition of India of 1947 was the division of British India into two independent dominion states, India and Pakistan. … The two self-governing countries of India and Pakistan legally came into existence at midnight on 15 August 1947.

Who is the most famous person in Pakistan?

10 Most Famous People In PakistanMalala Yousafzai:Benazir Bhutto:Wasim Akram:Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan:Noor Jahan:Shahid Afridi:Nawaz Sharif:Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:More items…•

What is the ranking of Pakistan in world?

EconomyListPakistan Ranking/Total CountriesSourceGDP (PPP)25/229CIA World FactbookGDP (PPP) per capita158/216World BankGlobal Competitiveness Index110/137World Economic ForumFinancial Development Index58/62World Economic Forum10 more rows

What makes the history of Pakistan so interesting?

The South Asian country has given the world the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner and the world’s highest ATM. … Located in the ancient Indus Valley, settlements in the region among the Khyber Pass, Himalayas and Arabian Sea are some of the oldest in the world and most heavily traveled in history.