Can P Platers Listen To Music Vic?

Can P platers use Bluetooth music?

But these same laws do not apply to P-platers in most parts of the country.

P-platers are not allowed to mount their devices to use GPS maps or use Bluetooth to talk on the phone hands-free, or listen to audio.

The laws apply to NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia..

Can a learner driver drive for more than 2 hours?

You can drive as long as you like on L plates. It is wise to stop every 2 hours for all drivers. Doing a few long trips is an easy way to get the required hours to get you licence.

Are P platers allowed to have phone holders?

It is now against the law for P1 and P2 licence holders in NSW to use their phones in any way while they are driving. … For any driver, included unrestricted licence holders, you are not allowed to touch or hold your phone while you’re driving. This includes when you’re stopped at the lights and in traffic.

Can you listen to music on L plates?

Learner and P-Plater drivers in NSW can no longer use a phone in any way while driving. This means no navigation, no playing music, no using a safe phone cradle, no nothing. … Learner, P1 and P2 licence holders are not permitted to use a mobile phone at all while driving or riding.

What cars can P platers drive Vic?

In addition, Victoria permits P-platers to drive (without an exemption request) specific Ford Ecoboost, Holden turbo and Nissan turbo vehicles, provided that they have a Power to Mass Ratio identifier on the built date plate (vehicles manufactured before January 1, 2010) that shows that they have less than 130kW per …

Can P platers drive drunk passengers?

No it isn’t, at least in NSW. There is no law in NSW that makes it illegal to have an open alcohol container in your, and no law that prevents a passenger from drinking alcohol. Of course it’s legal, thats what designated drivers are for.

Is talking on Bluetooth while driving illegal?

Talking on the phone while driving can be a big distraction and this is why it is illegal. However, car drivers have been using handsfree devices and Bluetooth infotainment systems in the cars to connect to the phones and talk without holding the phone in their hands.

What cars can L platers drive?

Restrictions For L Plate Drivers In NSWYou may only drive cars (vehicles under 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight). … You must be supervised while driving at all times by an Australian driver with a full licence (not provisional or learner)More items…•

Can L platers use Bluetooth?

Learner, P1 and P2 licence holders Restricted licences holders including learner, P1 and P2 drivers and riders are not permitted to use their phone at all while driving or riding. This includes use of hands-free and Bluetooth functions.

Can P platers use hands free Vic?

P-plate drivers can’t use their mobile phone while driving. This includes using hands-free or handheld devices or do any text messaging of any kind. P1 drivers can’t have more than one ‘peer passenger’ in their car. A ‘peer passenger’ is someone aged 16 to under 22 years old.

Can P platers use Bluetooth Victoria?

If you hold a learner licence or a P1 or P2 provisional licence in Victoria, you must not use a device such as a mobile phone for any purpose while you are driving. This means you cannot even use a hands-free system. … If you are caught using a device while driving, you will receive a fine and 4 demerit points.

Can you be fined if your passenger is on their phone?

NSW: If a passenger is using a phone which has a display that’s visible to the driver, the penalty is $344 and three demerit points, or $457 and four demerit points if the offence happens in a school zone. ACT: Passengers are legally permitted to use their phones while another person is driving.